Formulation to your Specifications!

Each of our compounds are custom made
to our customers exact requirements.

Wire, Cable, and Much More!

Compounds from the transportation industry
to home and garden, we have compounds that
are registered with UL and for low voltage

Natural, Clear, or Pre-colored
on Your Terms!

We can pre-color your compound,
or you can purchase our color
through our color company
separately to an exact match.

Your Design - We Define!

PVC compounds for an exact match
to your application.

clear rigid tubes


PVC vinyl compound materials continues to be one of the most economical and most versatile of all flexible and rigid polymers in the marketplace, and Hoffman Plastic Compounds continues to bring the best PVC compounds plus the added value of our outstanding customer service and support to our customers.  We offer custom formulated PVC compounds for both the extrusion and molding industries.
PVC compounds manufactured by Hoffman Plastics offers the quality, durability, and sustainability that our customers demand.  We custom formulate every compound for applications in nearly every market segment. From window weather stripping to wire jacketing to medical devices, to sporting goods, to NSF compliant non-toxic compounds, Hoffman Plastic's PVC compounds reaches the broadest applications.  From 35 Sh-A flexible to Rigid, natural, clear, filled, unfilled, pre-colored, pelletized, and powder forms, Hoffman Plastic Compounds produces

Services and Solutions
Whether you are looking for a new compound, technical support with your purchased compounds, or in the need for a constant material source that is more economical, Hoffman Plastic Compounds has the solution to your material needs.

Need More Information or Inquiries about our Products?
Contact our Customer Support team so we can match you up with our technical sales staff to collaborate and match the perfect PVC compound material to your application.