Formulation to your Specifications!

Each of our compounds are custom made
to our customers exact requirements.

Wire, Cable, and Much More!

Compounds from the transportation industry
to home and garden, we have compounds that
are registered with UL and for low voltage

Natural, Clear, or Pre-colored
on Your Terms!

We can pre-color your compound,
or you can purchase our color
through our color company
separately to an exact match.

Your Design - We Define!

PVC compounds for an exact match
to your application.



Hoffman Plastic Compounds Business Strategy 

Vision: To be the world’s provider of PVC flexible and rigid compounds and to provide a solid and great value to our customers worldwide.  We take great pride on our team's performance to turn our order to shipment process very quickly to our customers.  From sample quantities to multiple truckloads, Hoffman Plastic Compounds is committed to be a strategic partner with our customers.

Product Excellence:  With a team that is experienced in PVC compounding, formulating, and operations, we take great pride in providing our customers with a sound strategy to meet their material needs.  Our customer service and support team performs above and beyond to meet our customer's requirements to their applications.

Marketing in a Global Economy:  We are constantly seeking new opportunities throughout the global market.  Hoffman Plastic Compounds has been a global partner with many customers throughout the world.  No matter the location, our customers can expect the high quality PVC vinyl compounds with consistency in both quality and performance.

Excellence in Quality and Service:  To earn our standing as your trusted partner, we strive to know your organization as well as you know it.  Understanding what you value and driving end-to-end solutions, we help you satisfy your customers, compete more effectively and grow your business.  When you gain, we both win.

Safety, Environment, and Quality Dedicated:  By committing to a journey of continuous improvement and without compromising safety nor the envoronment, we have dedicated ourselves towards the growth with both our customers as well as our company's operations.  This is how we roll.  Our customers dictate to our team toward their needs and requirements in order to achieve a "Win-Win" situation that strengthens our supplier / customer relationship.